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Yin Yoga by Candlelight Friday March 25th

Yin Yoga By Candlelight


March 25th


A Moment For Me Yoga and Wellness Center

Vienna, OH

A Perfect Yoga Class to end a long week!

In this Gentle and Relaxing practice students are guided through a series of shapes and meditative techniques to encourage alignment and the release of fascia tissue (the connective webbing that "holds" the body together).

Postures and Shapes are taken according to each students unique architecture and may held for one to three minutes so as to gently stretch and hydrate joints. Individuals work towards cultivating their mind and body connection by meeting the body where it is and embracing adaptations and modifications.

The Best Part is that we are surrounded by Candlelight!!! Cost $15

Spaces are limited for this event! Book online or contact Shannon at 330.301.2383


POSE FOR MARCH MOUNTAIN -TADASANA (TAH-DAHS-ANNA) Benefits: Improves Circulation, Posture, Balance and Focus. Helps Strengthen muscles in the Core, Legs, Back and Hips.


1. Stand or sit with the feet hip distance apart.

2. Carefully move the weight of your body from one side of your body to the other to help determine your center of gravity.

3. Settle your weight into the four corners of your feet.

4. Soften the knees and draw your belly in.

5. Pick up the shoulders. draw them up, back and down.

6. Drape your arms at your sides, palms facing in or forward.

7. Imagine you are lengthening down through the feet out through the arms and up through the crown of the head.

Let's make it Accessible:

If standing is not in your practice today, Mountain can be done sitting or lying down. We can also use chairs and walls to help with balance. Cautions: If you are feeling lightheaded or have a headache save Mountain for another day.


Add to your Yoga Library:

Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path to Yoga by ROLF GATES and KATRINA KENISON: I was introduce to this book by one of my teachers. She would read passages from it during class. There are 365 daily meditations! The daily reflections are often short but full of inspiration and experience. It has served me well on my yoga journey. It is a perfect addition to your coffee table or nightstand. It also makes a great gift! Add to Your Yoga Playlist

Perspective: HELEN JANE LONG

I discovered Helen Jane Long some years ago! She is an amazing British composer and pianist. Her music is contemporary, whimsical and transcending! I find that her albums are great for studying and meditating!


Offering In-person, Private, and Zoom Classes. Book online or contact Shannon directly at

call or text 330-301-2383

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