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Winter/Spring 2022 Schedule of Classes and Events

The Sturdevant Yoga Project 2022 Classes

Adaptive Yoga

Adaptive Yoga is a practice that is dedicated to both students living with physical limitations due to trauma or physical disability and those that are interested in adapting yoga asana to meet the changing body!

Inspired by Matthew Sanford, Founder of Mind Body Solutions and author of Waking, Adaptive Yoga encourages students to build a personal practice, guiding them toward a more profound connection between the mind and body. Postures in this practice become accessible to all bodies when the experience within these postures is more important than the form. Students are offered extra time in transitioning from one posture to the next.

Adaptive Yoga helps to improve breath awareness, sense of balance, direction, mobility, flexibility, strength and stability. It also builds confidence and encourages students to shift the focus from their limitations to their limitlessness. Cost $5



Via Zoom

*Please provide me with current Email to receive class code



Grace United Methodist Church

1725 Drexel Ave. Warren, OH

Slow Flow

This practice can be done seated in a chair or on the mat!

This is a flow class that allows multifaceted students to experience the benefits of a Vinyasa (breath with body movement). Here we are guided through shapes and breathing techniques that help cultivate balance, stability and strength! Adaptations and modifications will be demonstrated to meet students where they are! Cost $5



Grace United Methodist Church

1725 Drexel Ave. Warren, OH

The Sturdevant Yoga Project 2022 Events

Yin Yoga By Candlelight

A Perfect Yoga Class to end a long week!

In this Gentle and Relaxing practice students are guided through a series of shapes and meditative techniques to encourage alignment and the release of fascia tissue (the connective webbing that "holds" the body together).

Postures and Shapes are taken according to each students unique architecture and may held for one to three minutes so as to gently stretch and hydrate joints. Individuals work towards cultivating their mind and body connection by meeting the body where it is and embracing adaptations and modifications.

The Best Part is that we are surrounded by Candlelight!!! Cost $15


January 21st


A Moment For Me Yoga and Wellness Center

Vienna, OH


Offering In-person, Private, and Zoom Classes.

Book online or contact Shannon directly at,

call or text 330-301-2383,

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