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There is a grand old tree in my backyard that is home to several families of squirrels, birds, and a plethora of insects. I am not certain how old it is but I know it has seen many generations come and go. I never tire of sitting beneath it and or listening to the rustling of its leaves and branches.

Trees are visual testimonies of strength, resilience and tolerance. Year after year, trees are subjected to the elements, habitation of various creatures, disease and pollution. They provide shelter, shade and are a vital source of oxygen. Despite its many trials and tribulations a tree can live for hundreds of years still stand with a grace and dignity we humans cannot help but admire.

Tree Pose (Vrikshasana) is a staple in yoga practice. Students will visit it again and again to discover that each visit offers new experiences both physically and emotionally.

Physically, we work to find grounding, focus and expansion. We can easily visualize ourselves as a tree. Our feet and legs are the roots, the torso is the trunk and the arms and hands are the branches. The shape of the Tree that we take is never the same and we learn through our many visitations to watch what is happening and to learn. We learn that without a solid foundation we cannot find our roots; that without a calm breath and mind we cannot find focus; that without focus we cannot find balance and that without balance we cannot find expansion and growth.

Emotionally, Tree Pose allows us to tap into a place of peace and joy. Once we find the shape of our tree our visualization becomes another lesson. We are not only its roots, trunk and branches, we are its legacy, we are its strength, we are its wisdom, we are its beauty. Joy and peace arrive when we embrace our own testimonies of time. We too have been subjected to trials, we too provide shelter and strength and are a vital part of this earth and those upon it. We too are be admired for our grace and dignity.

We are all grand old trees!




Friday, May 20th


A Moment For Me Yoga and Wellness Center

Vienna, Ohio

Take A Moment For Yourself

In this Gentle and Relaxing practice students are guided through a series of shapes and meditative techniques to encourage alignment and the release of fascia tissue (the connective webbing that "holds" the body together).

Postures and Shapes are taken according to each student's unique architecture and held for one to three minutes so as to gently stretch and hydrate joints. Individuals work towards cultivating their mind and body connection by meeting the body where it is and embracing adaptations and modifications.

The Best Part is that we are surrounded by Candlelight!!!

Cost $15

Gentle Yoga by Candlelight

Thursday, May 26th


Grace United Methodist Church

Drexel Avenue

Warren, Ohio

This Class can be done on the floor or in a chair! Students are guided through a series of shapes and light stretches to warm up the joints and gently invite movement in the body. Breathing and Meditation techniques will be offered to help increase the capacity of the lungs and and calm the Nervous System. This class will be by candlelight!

Suggested Donation: $10 (proceeds going to Grace United Methodist Church on Drexel Avenue in Warren.




Benefits: Cultivates a sense of grounding and focus. Improves strength and balance.

1. Stand with the feet together or hip width apart

2. Press into the four corners of the feet and soften the toes.

3. Draw the belly in and up but don't hold the breath.

4. Draw the shoulders up towards the ears and then let them drape down the back.

5. Place your hands on your hips and find a focus point

6. Allow the weight of the body to slightly shift over to the Left Side.

7. Lift the Right Heel off the floor and find your center of gravity

8. Turn the Right Heel towards the Left Ankle allowing the Right Knee to float open.

9. Keep the Right Toes on the floor or place the Right Foot on the Left Shin or Thigh. **NEVER PLACE THE FOOT ON THE KNEE

10. Gently press the Right Foot and Left Leg into each other and rise up through the crown of the head

11. When your balance is stable place the palms of the hand to the center of the heart or feel free to raise them above the head.



ON THE WALL: Stand close enough to a wall that you can place your hand on it on the side of the Standing Leg. the wall will help you find balance. Keep your hand on the wall or let go of it when your balance is stable

WITH A BLOCK: place a block on the inside of the Standing Leg. Instead of placing your foot on the leg, place it on the block. this will help with balance and the rotation of the hip. ***You can also use the seat of a chair to place your foot on.

LAYING DOWN: Lay on you back and step you feet toward your bottom. Bring the feet hip distance apart. Extend the Left Leg on the mat. Allow the Right knee to Float open. You can bring the Right Foot to the Left Thigh. You can also place a blanket under the right knee if you need extra support



Laura Sullivan: Loves River

Laura Sullivan is a contemporary Award Winning pianist. Loves River is soft, sweet, and inspirational. I think it is the perfect album to listen to while practicing yoga, meditating, studying or cleaning!



Myths of the Asanas: The Stories at The Heart of The Yoga Tradition by Alanna Kaivalya and Arjuna van der Kooij

I wanted to learn bit more about the origins of the poses I was teaching. I found this gem! the illustrations are beautiful and the stories of the asanas are descriptive and captivating!


Offering In-person, Private, and Zoom Classes.

Book online or contact Shannon directly at

call or text 330-301-2383

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