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March Inspiration

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Inspiration on and off the Mat: The Three Visits

The Tree The first visit you may observe its position and geography to other trees. The second visit you may notice the shape of the leaves or the pattern of the bark. The third visit you might become aware that this tree is a home to wildlife and connected to the ecosystem. Each time you visit you are observing different aspects of the tree. Oftentimes, in yoga class, we are encouraged to visit and revisit. To notice how flexion, extension, rotation, and stabilization have affected our breath, body, and mind. The idea is not to dwell on or inhabit what you observe, but to listen to our bodies and minds without judgment.

Our lessons on the mat have a way of trickling into our everyday lives. We may find that we begin to visit and revisit thoughts or actions with the intention of learning from them instead of simply acting on them. This intention affects the way we treat people and handle difficult situations. We may begin to care less about being right, or first, or best, and more about simply caring. -- Namaste

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