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June Inspiration: CHANGE

The word “change”can bring forth a cascade of thoughts and emotions.

Change can be both frightening and exciting because it directly affects your journey as well as the journeys of others. With the change to our journeys come the changes to our stories.

Sometimes change is anticipated, and we are able to prepare for it like the changing of the seasons. But sometimes it jumps out at us from the shadows without warning like the loss of a job or the death of a friend. We may struggle with ourselves and be convinced that somehow, we personally could have prevented the unwelcome event. Not only must we learn to navigate through uncharted waters, but we must watch others navigate through them as well.

The beauty of a yoga practice is that we can choose whether or not to initiate change. When we are on the mat, we have a moment to be with our bodies, breath, and minds and to watch what happens when we change shapes and movements. We watch the muscles. We watch the bones. We watch the lungs. We watch with a growing patience that moves toward an understanding of what we are capable of. If we begin to move into a posture or breath and discover we are not quite ready to try it today we can adjust, we can modify. There are also moments where a shape or breath taken will show us how we have evolved and grown in our practice. As we nurture this understanding, we also nurture a mindfulness and compassion that reaches beyond ourselves to those around us.

Change can be frightening and exciting. But change is also brave and necessary. If we watch it and acknowledge it with mindfulness and compassion, we honor not only our stories, but the stories of others scared enough and brave enough to initiate and navigate change.


Schedule of Classes

Adaptive Yoga: Monday, 5:00p.m. A Moment For Me Yoga and Wellness

Adaptive Yoga: Tuesday, 6:30p.m. Grace United Methodist Church

Adaptive Yoga: Wednesday, 5:30p.m. Basic Good Wellness

Slow Flow: Thursday, 6:30p.m. Grace United Methodist Church

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