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April Inspiration

Shavasana: Learning from Stillness

What if we were to take Shavasana off of our mat into our everyday lives? What would happen if we embraced more moments of stillness and rest? What would we learn about ourselves and about those around us? As the ground begins to thaw and the remnants of Winter begin to fade, we are reminded how important it was for the earth to rest. Without this hibernation we would not be able to fully appreciate the gift of Spring. We see with clarity how colors, sunshine, and activity replace what was bland, dark, and monotonous. Shavasana at the end of our yoga practice is a testament to the value of rest. Translated as Corpse Pose, Shavasana serves as a moment for the body to learn from the shapes and sensations our postures (asana) and breathing practices (pranayama) created. We are asked to release the practice and commit to stillness. Without Winter, Spring would not come. Without stillness, the body would not learn. Like the changing of the seasons, it would be difficult to appreciate the effects of our practice without this final resting pose. With Shavasana, we see how balance, peace, and quietness replace what was unsteady, unstable, and chaotic. Namaste, Shannon

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