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Shannon Sturdevant, Founder and Owner of The Sturdevant Yoga Project

About Shannon

Shannon Sturdevant, founder of The Sturdevant Yoga Project, completed her 200 hour certification through the Yoga Alliance in 2014. She specializes in yoga for the physically challenged. Shannon trained with Matthew Sanford (Adapting Yoga for Disabilities), founder of Mind Body Solutions in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Her training continued with Dianne Bondy (Yoga for All: Yoga for Bigger Bodies and Diverse Communities). Shannon is also a member of The Yoga Service Council.


As a physically disabled person herself, Shannon fills the needs of those who wish to experience the benefits of yoga (finding balance, building strength, and experiencing greater stability) who are not comfortable with, or who cannot participate in, conventional yoga. Her classes focus not on the postures themselves, but the student’s individual experience with the postures through the use of body, breath, and mind.

Mission Statement

Our mission is rooted in



We are committed to sharing this practice with those who have physical disabilities or limitations.


  We encourage and support instructors and studios who share our vision.



"You can definitely tell helping people is a main goal of the Sturdevant Yoga Project."

"I look forward to Shannon's intuitive expression and instruction so much more than a You-Tube video yoga practice"

"Shannon will always work within her students' needs and ability to pay."

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